A friend

This one goes out to Mervin and his advice when I was faced with a particularly frustrating time at office with endless work, terrible work timings and no rest :D. Yay! I made it out :). I came across this while trying to sort through the files on my laptop and I definitely didn’t want to lose it. So thank you again for being a wonderful friend-

Today I walk with the image of you by my side. Today I walk with a new idea in my mind. Today I am emboldened by your voice in my head. Today I walk with the thought that you have presented me. I know that sometimes we just lament to pretty much everyone we meet. But sometimes we are genuinely stuck and are seeking a way out. That solution comes from places and people who are with us. But when it is not time we just don’t tell them, though we have talked to the entire world. Today, I know that I will find a solution to my problem in a much smoother and effective manner than could have been found by me. Sometimes we just have to talk to a thousand people before we find a solution. The best people are not the ones who lend an ear, they are the ones who offer solutions and goad us towards trying them out. The best people are not ones who listen to your problems and present you with bigger problems in their life. Yesterday, I found out after some thought as to what a busy person means. And my greatest relief lies in the fact that it does not mean slaving away at office all the time. It means, keeping busy, mind and body in something that would result in an upliftment of the society or oneself. I miss so many things that are at a hands reach and are yet unavailable to me. So this is what I want for myself.

Still seeking a way to find my place in this beautiful world. Everything is vague but there is hope :).



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