Trust that breaks you down

I’ve only ever thought that distrust is the only thing that throws people off course. That it would be a lack of trust in someone or by someone in me that would lead to a deeper introspection of myself and my relationships. But, it seems that deep rooted trust in the goodness of a person can also lead to deep learning about ourselves. I was at my native recently and when a topic of doubt came up, I found my uncle and mom vouching for me in ways I had not even dreamt about. I have always looked to myself only in doubt and have never, even for a single moment thought that anyone would be able to just me as well as that. When a single statement can throw you off course and spiral down a path of confusion, if you can find strong hands and warm words lifting you up from the depths that you have allowed yourself to fall, know that this person knows you inside out. Even though an argument may stand that, of course its your mom and like God Himself, how would it be difficult to bare ourselves to Her. But all those who have surrendered their everything to God know that to do so in front of humans, even if they be your own parents is not an easy task. I cannot thank her directly. I don’t know if she will ever come upon a chance to read my blog. But I cannot express the immense amount of gratefulness that comes over me as I see another human understand this pitiful life and the morals it tries to uphold. For that I thank Her and her.


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