The Theif

My Dear Friend, forgive me, for I have stolen from you. And I have stolen at the place you hold dearest to your heart, I have stolen from your homeland. No, don’t wonder when I was ever there to steal from you. Don’t go looking at all the things you have to check what is lost. You will not find it. Through all your stories, I have seen your serene haven. I have run through its wide open fields with you and I have bathed in its monsoons. I have felt the wind in my hair and the breeze on my face through the warmth of your words. I have dined with you, partook the feast of stolen fruits from orchids we jumped the walls of in lazy afternoons. This is like vision to the blind. I who has stood ignorant in my assumptions of what beauty life may hold, has but been awoken into a new dream. My dear friend, how much more kindness shall you bestow upon a Thief?