Catalysts from the Universe

We’ve all been there. We desperately want something but just don’t get around to doing precisely that. Though we really have nothing to lose with just giving it our best and doing the task, we procrastinate and give excuses and simply just keep pushing it away from us. I recently read a quote that went along the lines that the work we keep postponing is our greatest opportunity. It is very often a dream we have wanted for a very long time. And then something happens, we hit a low point in our lives with respect to that specific dream. And that event acts as a ‘Catalyst from the Universe’ powering us forward into our long beheld wish or dream.

The most easily available example of this is in the case of weight loss. Day after day we see people who have been obese or overweight going ahead to transform their selves and their bodies into a figure to die for. Some of them even go onto become fitness trainers. In almost all the body transformation articles, we find the person talking about a point when they realized they had to get on to start exercising or putting in sincere work into their regime. The point could have been a weight on the scale or a casual remark from someone or a Doctor’s report or some other small factor. These are the ‘Catalysts from the Universe’. The dream or wish has been in us for a long time. It stays there and ripens in our minds. I suppose our wishes might have mummified if not for the catalysts. But the moment the catalyst comes into our life, we are no longer bound by our excuses. All the laziness that accompanies the thought of the action and fears seem to vanish.

Of course it is not an easy task just because we start. There are instances when we try, but quit and revert back to our habits and routine. No matter how many times you have to re-start your commitment to the goal, do it with more energy and enthusiasm than before. It seems to be a sort of law of the Universe that whenever we try to pursue the best path ahead, we are faced with obstacles. You start off on a new diet and best friend brings you a chocolate cake. And we do give into indulgence sometimes. Apart from some very clear-headed, strong-willed persons, most of us have trouble with staying focused initially. Don’t give into the guilt trail once you indulge in something or break off from a routine you had planned, instead focus your thoughts on using the experience constructively. Essay how to say no to those little temptations. Learn to cut down on portion sizes, learn to say no to more than one drink, learn to say no to an event because you have to go to your dream class and then go from less to the perfection you seek. Be aware at all times that if you hit a roadblock on your path, it just means that you are moving forward. Jump over it and emerge stronger.

When one has truly reached a point where we know that our happiness and peace depends on this and that no matter how hard it may be we have to do it and see it through to the end, we are fueled into action. Though we may attribute the change in mindset and willpower to the Catalyst, identify the fact that it comes from within you. You are the source of infinite energy and no matter how big a task you take, you will always have more energy than you need. Today we are constantly surrounded by success stories of people who have dropped everything and gone onto pursuing their dream jobs, people who have transformed themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually and become teachers and mentors, people who have gone from addiction to counselors, and so much more.

Sometimes our greatest failure acts as the Catalyst to our lifetime’s achievement. Never ever let deep sorrow or dejection break you. For the ways of the Catalyst are strange. That rejection letter, that failed interview, that missed opportunity, they all point to “Think again”. Restart and rework your strategy. For nothing is impossible. And never give up. Nothing is more painful than to live with that constant voice inside the head telling us about what we should be doing while we ignore it for our excuses. Because at the end of the day, what makes us sleep well is satisfaction and not comfort. For in sleep, there is no beggar or king.