One Small Voice


The gallery is empty and the lone performer trying so hard to impress an absent crowd…waiting for the winds to change and bring on the cheering masses!

What does that innermost voice tell you? Let’s make a mark in the world. Create a better world, a better future. To that inner self that is constantly dreaming and holding onto all our dreams. If life were all but a God’s dream, what to you and what to me. I hear the sound of my nib scratching on paper(while I was actually penning this down). And I think maybe this is the first time I’m noticing that and it sounds like music just as the clicking of keys on the keyboard. Now, as in many instances I see a spark, an urge fanning out in me. And i hope that at least this time I may be able to help it grow. I may lend it voice and give it shape. For the ideas stay visible only inside my head. The world will not know about it until I put it out there. That inner voice of creativity, that we call an idea, a spark, a passion, intuition, it like a little child. A little child that is the embodiment of all the wisdom and knowledge in the world. That which is the representation of our collective dreams and goals. To that child , this blog is my present(a long overdue one in the least). For she is everything and everyone. She is a million faces all in me. She is the living and the non-living. What does that innermost voice ask you? When you lie still at night or sit quietly on lazy afternoons or rainy mornings? what stirs up in your heart and rises up in your minds and makes us restless in our comfort. That eternal question…what is the life in the living and the matter in the non living? Or perhaps what the absence of life is.¬†

This is an answer to one such unrest. To my inner child. That revelation and celebration of life.

To the speck of Energy called the Soul,  TWICE ORANGE !